Friday, October 14, 2005

Bus lanes

I was driving down dominion road the other day in yet another traffic jam partly created by the bus lane to my left. But initially this did not bother me - I considered the saving in petrol public transport promises and all the associated benefits. Then I realized that there were only a coupe of buses using the bus lane and a few hundred cars using the car lane each stopping and starting all the time using significantly more petrol than they would usually use. I see no indication peopel are going to give up their cars yet so strangely these bus lanes seem to be achieving the exact opposite of what they are supposed to achieve in addition to making me late for work. Can anyone explain?

I would be happy to suport bus lanes if they worked but we seem to have a half way solution. Cars wasting petrol and buses largely unused. Ie there is no point creating bus lanes untill whatever else is preventing people using busses is adressed.
And if it is a step in the process I want to at least see some progress being made.


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