Friday, October 14, 2005

iIlegal immigration

NoRightTurn notes how bad it is for refugees to be sent back to zimbabwae.

And I agree - it seems very odd that you would return anyone to Zimbabwe – you actually have to fly them quite far in order to put them in a hell hole. there is no need for your disincentive to be that strong and also that awkward. SoI have a better solution.

I suggest you could have a third country that can act as a haven for an unlimited number of refugees. Something in the order of Botswana (or whatever stable countries is most willing to accept the deal). And you can give them whatever money is required to ensure this doesn’t harm them economically (Botswana might jsut be happy with free AIDS medication for ever).

That way an illegitimate refugee can get a free ticket to go to Botswana and live happily (no persicution!) there and any economic refugee will also go to Botswana and be pretty upset (so you encourage the former and discourage the later). Therefore there will be the correct incentives and you could have an almost unlimited capacity to take refugees.


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