Monday, June 12, 2006

Soccer picks

Winner Runner up
A Germany Ecuador
B England Sweeden
C Argent Netherlands
D Mexico portugal
E Italy Czech
F Brazil Australia
G France Switzerland
H Spain Ukraine

And I could have the pooling wrong but If I don't...

Germany Sweeden winner Germany
England Portugal winner England
Argent Ecuador winner Argentina
Mexico Netherlands winner Mexico
Italy Australia winner Italy
Brazil Ukraine winner Brazil
France Czech winner France
Spain Switzerland winner Spain

then Spain argentina italy and Germany to gothrough to semi's and argentina and italy in finals with italy winning.

England with a chance to beat germany
switzerland with a chance to beat spain.

the odds however would have portugal beating mexico and croatia keeping australia out
and probably england argentina italy spain in the semi's

but I think Portugal and England always over promise England pay even come second in their round and be eliminated by Germany.


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