Saturday, June 17, 2006

University lecturing

I heard that at the university of Auckland if you were doing accounting 301 (cost and revenue accounting) that you would be told

1) That it is an open book exam (no problem there), and
2) That you need to buy the book - no problem, and
3) That the book is written by the lecturer (suspicious) and
4) That the book has numerous errors in it (say what!?)

And that the students are upset about the quality of the course.

The problem here is not the specific example (which may or may not be a fair representation since it is just one side) but relates to the level of potential for political manipulation of the system and the lack of care used to ensure we have good teachers.

There are not any courses required to be a lecturer you just talk to the head of the department and "pow" you’re all of a sudden teaching the class and getting a few more of your books sold.

To teach young children you take a course over several years but to teach at uni you just have to be good at something else. Strange.


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