Monday, October 01, 2007


I think the time of people power is almost over. If I am right then the modern left will soon face some tough decisions.
People like
maia will need to decide do they want to have active interference from overseas in the affairs of countries like Myanmar, north Korea, Zimbabwe, Iran etc or do they want the current regime to continue indefinitely.

Look at attempts at revolution in Zimbabwe which have failed despite the almost total incompetence of the government (take plummeting life expectancy as an example). It just has not mattered how much the vast majority of the population must hate Mugabe (surely only an idiot supports a guy who will make you live a decade or two shorter on average).

You don’t even hear of attempts at revolution in North Korea even during times of starvation. There are no gay activists marching in Iran and I don’t see it coming any time soon.

Even in Myanmar I expect the result of any attempt to fight the government will only result in a few extra people being killed. No political change except maybe stricter laws. The only way there would be change is if someone like the Chinese made it happen.

I am not proposing that we automatically go around invading these Countries - just that there are tough choices out there and if we are sacrificing the people of Zimbabwe or Myanmar because it is just too hard then we should be honest with ourselves.

So… ‘doves’, let’s say I am right – then what should we do?

Oh well... maybe there is time for one more revolution...



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