Monday, October 01, 2007

Pansy Wong

I dont think Pansy Wong (a local conservative Member of Parliment is very good at reading people

Mrs Wong met the family, including Qian, in March at a Sea Scouts event and said Mr Xue was very proud of his daughter.

"Mr Xue was obviously very proud of the daughter because the first thing he did was to say, 'Pansy Wong, come and meet my daughter. Don't you think she's gorgeous?"'

She said she was taken totally by surprise by the case and was concerned about the mother, who she said seemed a private person.

Pansy goes on to say how surprised she was. It is rather like the comments made on the video that Nai Yin made. the student who did hte interview talked about him normally, while his supervisor talked about how his tears seemed fake and his wife insinuated that he did not care for Qian Xun much.

To me he looks fake, a bit selfish. I think I read peopel pretty well.
I would think reading people would be an important skill for a politician...


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