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timeline of Xue case

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Timeline of events:

mid 1990s - Nai Yin arrived in New Zealand from Fushun, in China's Liaoning province

"He invited people to come and test how skilful he was," restaurant owner and former acquaintance Raymond Tang recalls. "I believe a Pacific Islander came up and because of his mass, (Xue) was beaten easily

1998: Nai yin writes a book "The Pearl of Wu-style Tai Chi: the life of Xue Nai Yin" in the style of a Chinese folk tale where he cals himself a gift from God. and he was named Naixi, meaning "the stamp of royalty". He also makes a blog Nai Yin Xue's blog which is in english .

2000: Xue and his first wife divorce. She returns to China, but their daughter Grace stays with him in New Zealand.

2000: Xue meets and stays with 许秋艳 (Qiu Yan Xu) in Los angeles on a 6 month trip.

2001: A book about his style and Someone in 2001 asks about naiYin some write positively others not so Someone accused Xue of being a fake

2002: Grace runs away from her father / has money dispute (he wouldn't support her).

July 2002: Annie Liu, a 22-year-old international language student, arrives in New Zealand from China. Liu was desperate to stay in New Zealand but failed the English language test. She meets Xue later that year.

July 2003: Ms Liu and Xue marry at a central Auckland registry office. Grandmother disapproves

January 2004: The couple's only child Qian Xun Xue is born.

2005: Xue becomes a New Zealand citizen. His wife becomes a resident. The couple experience marital difficulties and move several times.

Lui writes a blog to keep in contact with her mother here is the origional and here is a copy of her blog

2006: On September 20, the couple reportedly fought over money. Xue threw a mobile phone at Liu, who was holding Qian Xun, then aged two. The phone bounced off Liu and hit Qian Xun in the head, leaving a small cut and swelling. While the child was in her mother's arms, Xue allegedly held a 30-centimetre knife to his wife's stomach and said, "I treat you good and you don't treat me very well. I love you but you don't love me. I am going to kill you! Xue then punched his wife two or three times, striking her above her right eye and on her nose.
Later Lui had been hunting for her passport and instead found a gun. "Xue happened to see this. He beat Annie and threatened her with a knife."
Liu begged Xue for her life and gave him money to placate him before fleeing. At one point she stayed in the Shakti refuge for Asian women in Auckland.
Xue is convicted.

During the separation Liu had a relationship with a married man whom she deeply loved, according to her blog, but whose "love nest" she had to flee the week before his wife returned to him.

March 2007 : Xue meets MP Pansy Wong at a sea scouts event "Mr Xue was obviously very proud of the daughter because the first thing he did was to say, 'Pansy Wong, come and meet my daughter. Don't you think she's gorgeous?"

Early 2007: Xue makes film with help of students in which he cries and begs for his daughter Grace to come home. Xue also claimed to the documentary maker that he was revered by 40,000 adherents, most of them in America.

Xue, whose English was poor, through a translator ordered them not to speak to Anan Liu: "Basically, it was, 'This is my documentary. Don't talk to my wife. Talk to me at all times.'

Xue was in financial trouble despite owning his $5,000 Chinese-language newspaper (almost all small newspapers in NZ loose money).

Ms Liu joined three dating websites. I understand she used the nick name 彼岸花 on one.

Xue told 'John', in a holding cell, he was "going go kill his wife and was then going to leave with his daughter." reported on 1ZB

recently: Xue came down to Wellington to retrieve Liu. Upon returning with her daughter from Wellington last month, Liu had two demands for her husband: the first was that he rent office space so that he was not always at their Mount Roskill home, and the second was a car. She believed having her own car would give her independence and freedom.

Tuesday, Sept 11: One of the last confirmed sightings of Ms Liu takes place outside a childcare centre in the Auckland suburb of Balmoral at 4.35pm. At 9.20pm, Xue collects his passport and a ceremonial sword from police, which had been confiscated but were returned because his wife had refused to testify against him in an assault matter.

Xue appears to have killed Liu with a yellow teck tie (strangulation).

Thursday, Sept 13: Xue and his three-year-old daughter Qian fly into Melbourne, Australia, from Auckland in the evening.

Saturday, Sept 15: Xue is captured on security footage abandoning his daughter Qian Xun and walking off pulling a suitcase, before boarding a flight to Los Angeles.

Sunday, Sept 16: Victoria Police launch public appeal to discover the identity of the girl, who they call Pumpkin.

Xue checks into a hotel in Los Angeles Walter, the attendant at the one-and-a-half star Pagoda says, "I see the newspaper picture, I know the bad guy come in. I know now why he lie; he don't want anybody to know him."

Xue came out again about 5pm, and went out for a meal, this time having changed his clothes, and wearing a "green cap like a US Marine's". I imagine that Xue did not mis hte symbolism (to wear a green hat means that your wife is having sex with another person - a chinese person would be unlikely to not know that)

Tuesday, Sept 18: New Zealand police conduct forensic tests on the family home and Ms Liu's car, which was found at Auckland International Airport.

Qian Xun's flight from Auckland to Melbourne is now being treated as an abduction.

Wednesday, Sept 19:

The "missing" older daughter, Grace, contacts police in New Zealand to say she is alive and well. Police find the remains of an Asian woman - believed to be Ms Liu - in the boot of Xue's car, which has been parked outside the Mt Roskill home for several days.

comments appear on the web critical of Liu "She married a man but she was fooling around with other guys. She said she was divorced without kids. She was talking bullshit, lying to everyone on the internet and trying to cheat the next man. Shame on her!" Family says "for respect of the dead, and to restrain themselves".
October 1 : Grace Xue, Qian Xun and Xiao Ping Liu (the grandmother who is a senior manager at Hunan Yunda Real Estate Development Co. Ltd who do the sheraton building in that province) meet, first informal then with CYFS

sept 25 : the grandmother writes an open letter

Oct 1 NZ police discover anan's lover (not Jun Cao apparently)

Oct 3 Memorial occurs organised by grandmother and friends and paid for by NZ government (great PR job there congradulations to their strategists).

Oct 4 the family court has given custody to the grandmother Nai Xin remains as the other guardian since he is jsut a 'suspect' of murder at present. Grace indicates she is comfortable with the decision.
The government had paid the $10,000 in legal fees for Liu to gain custody of Xue Qianxun.

Oct 6 Nai Yin Xue is to be on America's Most Wanted unless it gets 'bumped'

Oct 7 Qian Xun grandmother and anan's ashes return to china.
According to Grace xue's spokesperson (Edmonds), grandmother Lui indicated that Qian Xun may return to NZ for the education and english speaking advantages however she will not ask the pumpkin fund for money.


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