Friday, January 04, 2008

US elections

Who I WANT to win.
Note this is totally different from who I think will win.

of the major democract candidates, if I was a democrat, I would like to see Edwards win - I think the US would do well to have a clean break as opposed to 'reaching across'.
It is a classic old story of demonizing previous governments, it may not be fair but it is how politics works. The Bush administration has made some major mistakes and future administrations need to see them as ones never to make again - other things would also get caught up in the re-write of history but one can live with that.

Of the republican candidates I would like to see Ron Paul win I suppose but since he doesn't count as major then McCain. I like McCain not because of his policies per se but mostly because he is a 'Maverick'. His selection would further isolate the 'old view' making the 'rewrite' less of a fight and more of a scolding.

Then Edwards to beat McCain

Now for some pragmatism - Edwards probably can’t beat McCain but could beat huckabee. And Obama or Hillary can probably beat everyone but would be safest against a Romney or Huckabee. Still in a McCain vs. Hillary race I would be undecided since Hillary IS old establishment.

now all that could make a swing voters head hurt.


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