Friday, January 04, 2008

Electoral finance bill idea

Someone should get 500 supporters and set up the 'exclusive brethren party' then put posters around the place attacking the electoral finance bill. Something along the lines of "this bill was supposed to suppress our free speech - but it only suppressed yours".


Anonymous Gundy said...

What a great idea , id say with the hype around them at present they`d have a good chance of winning .

Global warming would become a non issue , as they believe this world just doesnt matter as in Gods plan its all meant to come to an end as God will supply a new world for the repentant chosen few in the end .
Voting and political partys would become a thing of the past , there would only be one party theirs the exclusive brethren God party .

Radios and tv`s movies would be banned as well as rock concerts , pre recorded music etc .All literature would be censored by them and anything not in accordance to their beliefs would be banned from the country .Anything fiction wouldnt stand a chance .

It would be illegal for men to wear shorts "god does not like the look of mans naked legs " womens clothing would become censored . Condoms would be banned and sex before marriage would become a crime punishable with excommunication from society with sentences of solitary confinement in jails freely handed out to those who sin to help bring about repentance .

Those freely agreeing to join their religion would all get tax free benifits , any sinners would be taxed and given no unions to complain to because unions would be banned.

Their Christian exclusive brethren schools would gain special treatment,whilst other schools would slowly fall to pieces through lack of support.Which is ok in a brethren world cause its Gods will .

All news reporting by reporters about the EB unless they liked it would be deemed lies and banned , all reporting about them by them would be deemed the truth even if it was full of deceit and blatant lies .


Yeah i can see it working . And we would end up with a society of freedom and freedom of speech , right . As long as it was Godly according to the exclusive brethrens judgement.

But you would be out of a job consultants wouldnt be needed , that job would be up to Bruce Hales the EB elect vessel .

10:46 PM  

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